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When is an Older Car Considered a Classic Car?

If you have a classic car, it is important that you insure it as a classic car, rather than purchasing regular auto insurance for the car. But there are no hard and fast rules to what makes one car an old car and what makes another a classic car. Here at Hart Insurance, serving the greater Federal Way, WA area, we want to help you select the correct type of insurance for your car. Here are a few of the factors you should consider when deciding if your older car is a classic car. 


One of the factors that should be looked at when determining whether or not you have a classic car is the age of the vehicle. Most experts agree that a classic car is about 25 to 50 years old. After 50 years old, your car is considered an antique, rather than an expert. If it is less than 25 years old, most experts believe it is simply an older car. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. 


Another factor that is looked at is the rarity of the car. If the car is no longer being produced and it is rare, it may be deemed a classic car. As such, you could have a car that is 10 years old, but due to the fact that it is no longer being produced and it is rare, an expert may deem it a classic. 


Lastly, the value of the car comes into play. If Blue Book lists your car as one value, but you know you can sell it for more due to its age and rarity, it may be a classic car. Ensuring it as a classic car helps you to get the value someone will pay for it, rather than Blue Book value. 

Are you ready to purchase a classic car auto insurance policy? Then let Hart Insurance, serving the greater Federal Way, WA area help you. Give us a call today for an estimate or to schedule an appointment to sit down and talk about your new policy. 

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