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3 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe for Halloween Guests

Whether you are having a party or just handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, Halloween is certainly a fun time for all. However, it is important to take a few precautions before the festivities begin to ensure nobody gets hurt. Consider these three tips for keeping your guests safe.

#1: Keep a Tidy Yard

Keeping a tidy yard is definitely important around Halloween. Eliminate any hazards on your property that pose a risk of injury, such as a low hanging tree branch, a garden hose that could be tripped on, or a loose landscaping brick. Make sure any plants that can snag on clothing and costumes are also trimmed back accordingly.

#2: Turn On the Lights

As the evening festivities are getting started, it is time to turn on the lights. Keeping a well-lit home not only lets parents know that your home is handing out candy, it can help keep little ones from being injured on the way to your door. Use any exterior lights you have, but be cautious about using candles and other decorative items as a lighting source as they pose an increased fire risk.

#3: Protect Your Pets

One more important thing to consider this Halloween is where you will keep your pets during the evening. Many dogs and cats are easily spooked by small children coming to the door, which may cause them to try to get out each time a new visitor arrives. Instead of running the risk of your animal biting someone or becoming lost, it is always a good idea to have a plan in mind of where you will secure the pet until the fun is over.

Another important tip? Make sure you have the proper level of homeowner’s insurance coverage. Each time you have visitors at your home, you run the risk of having a liability claim. This rings true even if the guest is only on your porch for a moment or two to collect candy—i.e. trick-or-treaters. For more information on coverage or for a no-obligation insurance review, please contact us at Hart Insurance today.

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