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Common Pet Insurance Myths

There are many myths out there about pet insurance, that cause pet owners not to purchase it. The decision to go without pet insurance can leave owners facing large medical bills they cannot afford. If you would like to learn more about pet insurance and live in the Federal Way, WA, area reaches out to a specialist at Hart Insurance today. 

Myth 1: My pet is young so it does not need insurance.

So many new pet owners end up paying thousands in out-of-pocket expenses because they believe young pets do not need insurance; however,  this could not be further from the truth. Young pets often have more frequent and costly claims as they tend to eat objects that harm them as well as run around and jump off furniture causing injuries. In addition, enrolling your pet early will make it less likely that they develop a condition that would be considered an uncovered pre-existing condition if you try to insure them later in life. 

Myth 2: The claims process is too burdensome. 

Many people avoid pet insurance because they have heard the claims process involves a lot of paperwork. The fact of the matter is that many pet insurers have moved to automated online claim submission systems. It is important before you purchase your policy to speak with your agent at Hart Insurance to make sure the insurer you choose has a claim process that works for you. 

Myth 3: I have some extra money set aside for pet emergencies. 

Many people have a small fund set aside for their pets health needs. However, pet owners do not realize how quickly the bills can add up after a few surgeries. Or if your pet develops a lifetime condition that needs to be managed, the extra savings can quickly be depleted and owners find themselves going into debt to care for the pet. 

If you are a pet owner living in the Federal Way, WA area and would like to learn more about insuring your pet, please call to set up an appointment today.



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