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3 Ways to Childproof Your Home for Summer

Childproofing your home will make it a safer environment for your kids to play during summer vacation. Although homeowner’s insurance coverage from Hart Insurance in Federal Way, WA protects you and your family against accidents, you can do your part to make accidents impossible to happen. Here are a few childproofing ideas to help you get started.

Store Tools and Cleaners in a Safe Location

Gardening and grilling are favorite summer past-times that can be enjoyed by the whole family. At the same time, they can pose a risk of danger to your children if tools and equipment are left unattended. By establishing a safe location to store gardening, grilling, carpentry and automotive tools when not in use, you reduce the risk of accidents. Safe and secure storage of this equipment will create a safer home environment.    

Household cleaners can also pose a threat to young children if not stored properly. Household cleaners should be stored on high shelves out of a child’s reach or behind locked cabinets for greater safety.

Secure Heavy Furniture

Children are notorious for breaking rules about climbing on furniture, especially if there’s something they want on top of a dresser or cabinet. If you have loose furniture that can topple over, it could pose a serious threat to your child’s safety. Securing dressers, televisions and other furniture to a wall for stability will help reduce the risk of accidents from climbing.


Getting rid of clutter gives your kids more space to play safely. Clutter is not only a fire hazard but increases the risk of kids tripping and falling. Your kids will appreciate having a clean, clutter-free home to enjoy their summer vacation.

By combining childproofing measures with adequate home insurance coverage from Hart Insurance, Federal Way, WA you can protect your family from any eventuality.  

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