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3 Things That Can Get Your Auto insurance Revoked.

3 Things That Can Get Your Auto Insurance Revoked.

Introduction. No insurance firms around Federal Way, WA can cancel your policy without a good reason. Your contract with the insurance firm is based on the policy, and some of the violations of the contract could lead to policy cancellation. Some of the reasons could be a violation of the policy while others could do with breaking the state laws. This includes issues such as having your driving license suspended or canceled.

I. Making Multiple Claims in a Short Period. The auto insurance sector is built on managing and calculating risk. When you make too many claims in a short span, the chances of having your policy canceled or not renewed are high. Claims tend to stay in your file for about three years. More than one claim a year makes you undesirable to insurance firms. Non-renewal means that you will carry your current policy to term but there is no continuation of the policy.

II. Health Issues. If you have a condition that makes it unsafe for you to drive then your policy provider might just drop you. According to policy experts at Hart insurance, each state has its own list of the conditions that are considered disqualifying health problems. These include epilepsy, eye conditions, or muscle illnesses. What happens is that a physician will file a claim in court that you are unfit to drive. The court will suspend your license after which the policy provider revokes your contract by suspended license.

III. Your Insurance Firm Closes Shop. Insurance business can down scale, move out of town or fail and file for bankruptcy. To be able to protect yourself from this eventuality you need to do three things. First, check out their ratings. Secondly only purchase insurance from licensed firms. Thirdly look up the different auto insurance complaint index to figure out where the firm falls. Lastly, call the state insurance regulator and inquire about licensing, financial health, tax and legal compliance of the firm.

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