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Most people are already aware of their choices in home insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance. However, it is not a very well-known fact that you can obtain other insurance for most all of your possessions and even your pets.

Pet Medical Insurance

Life Insurance

Buying life insurance in Washington state is not difficult. Term insurance is what our agency works with. It is life insurance that covers the life of the insured over a specific period of time. This “term” could be ten years, twenty years, or more. Term insurance is generally the least expensive type of insurance to purchase, and is popular for young families who may have a lot of obligations. Term insurance can be used to make sure a mortgage is paid off, college is provided for, and sufficient funds are left for living expenses in the event of the death of a a family member. Contact us today and protect your loved ones.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

This is truly a vital type of insurance because if you own a recreational vehicle you are likely to be out on the road with it, traveling through different areas — often different states. Your recreational vehicle needs to be insured just as much as your daily driver does — and because your monetary investment in the RV is so substantial you need to be certain you won't lose that large investment if disaster strikes. RV coverage can be arranged through your independent agency, and is often merged with your current auto policy. This will sometimes yield you a substantial policy discount, as well.

Boat Insurance

Whether your boat spends half of its life in the garage or it is out on the sea full time, boat insurance is essential. Your boat is exposed to weather and daily elements no matter where it is, and it may also be exposed to vandals or thieves. Your homeowners policy will not cover your boat whether it is on your property at the time it is stolen or vandalized or not. Ask your independent agent about how to make certain you have the supplemental coverage you need to insure your boat is protected.

Umbrella Policies

You may also want to compare prices on umbrella policies when you get other types of insurance. Umbrella insurance gives you extra liability coverage that exceeds your homeowners, car, or boat policy limits.

The best way to get full coverage at reasonable prices is to speak with your independent agent about comparing policies. You can easily obtain quotes from multiple top level carriers conveniently over the Internet this way!