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Get the best value for your insurance without changing companies.

Changing companies is time-consuming and may not be your best option. Here are some reasons why.

Customers who stay with the same company have a statistically lower chance of turning in a claim. Therefore your insurance score will be lower after you change companies. A lower insurance score means a higher price.

You will lose any accident forgiveness credits if you change to a new company. Many companies offer accident forgiveness after three to five years. If you have an accident that is your fault, you won’t be charged the usual surcharge.

Companies value customer loyalty. Staying with a company for many years may cause the company to keep your insurance instead of canceling you if you have a couple of claims.

So how do you get the best value for your insurance? A better solution to save costs without switching companies is to review your policies yearly or whenever you experience a lifestyle change. Here at Hart Insurance, we have a comprehensive checklist that we will review with you.

Deductibles—A higher deductible means a lower price because you share more of the cost of a claim with the insurance company. If you haven’t had a claim for many years, your odds of having a claim are lower than average. Maybe you are handy and can fix small things. Why spend the extra money for a low deductible if you are unlikely to use it?

Credits— Each company offers different credits, so ask your agent to make sure you are getting all of the credits you deserve. Consider installing a telematics device in your car. It will track your driving habits for a period of time for up to 30% discount! Some companies give a discount just for you agreeing to install it.

Home value—Your home value will usually have a built-in inflation guard to be sure that your home value keeps up with inflation. With your policy review, be sure to have your agent recalculate your home value to be sure it isn’t too high or too low.

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