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What is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Umbrella Insurance policy offers extra liability coverage exceeding the limits of home, auto, or watercraft insurance. It is an additional layer of security to those facing the risk of being sued for injuries caused to others or damage to other people’s property. The added liability cover is most useful to individuals who have lots of property or expensive property and thus have a more significant risk of being sued.

The policy acts as a fail-safe for your assets and savings. When a policyholder is sued for damages exceeding the liability of home or car insurance, the policy caters to the amounts still owed. In Federal Way, WA, Hart Insurance agents are available for consultations on favorable prices that assure you of a cover that suits your needs.

Who should buy an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Are you a home or auto owner? Are you running a business? Umbrella insurance is for you!

Umbrella insurance coverage is mainly purchased by individuals who own property, people with significant savings, or people whose area of work involves dangerous activities that may result in injuries. Hart Insurance agents will advise you on a policy that best suits your area of concern.

Other areas that require this policy are individuals whose line of work faces the risk of lawsuits. This could be such as businesses involving a review of products, volunteer work, working in boards of non-profit organizations, among others. Umbrella insurance pays for your legal fees in case you lose a lawsuit or lawyer fees in case you win.

In Federal Way, WA, our insurance agents will help you compare quotes of different insurance carriers to ensure that they get value for your money. Our agents are customer-centric and professional and will only refer you to reputable insurance carriers and offer you a favorable quote.


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