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Anger Management

Find yourself frequently overwhelmed with the urge to run other drivers off the road? You’re not alone, and these tips for diffusing the rage may save your life.

  • Yell into the abyss

One of the most natural, mild stages of road rage is screaming out your frustrations. While potentially off-putting for your passengers, it’s still a better option to let off steam than channeling the anger into your vehicle. If you’re the sort who gestures with their arms while talking, this method may not be for you.

  • Make a pit stop

If you have the time to spare, consider pulling off of the road and getting away from the driver’s seat. Have a drink, eat a meal, or call up your family on the cell phone. Do anything but think about the road, and wait for your rage to dissipate.

  • Think about the cost of losing control 

"Road rage" as a term tends to conjure up images of shouting drivers hurling insults at stop lights or riding too close to someone’s bumper, both aggravating but not inherently costly behaviors. Rage doesn’t stop there, though. If it takes over, drivers may find themselves deliberately causing accidents that threaten the lives of themselves of those around them. Even the seemingly innocuous tailgating can dramatically increase the risk of accidents occurring.

When you feel the urge to take an action based on anger while driving, it is essential to think ahead. The person who cut you off and made you slam on the brakes is certainly infuriating, but driving recklessly because of it could turn what was an insignificantly minor increase in used gas into the cost of repairs, rising insurance premiums, and even time in jail.

If you would like to know more about how road rage incidents can impact everything from your right to drive to the cost of your insurance premiums, contact the automotive insurance specialists at Hart Insurance.


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