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Types of Boat Insurance Policies

When you contact Hart Insurance about boat insurance for your boat moored or drydocked in Federal Way WA, you might expect a single policy that covers everything that could happen to your boat. That’s not how boat insurance works though.

Boat policies work in a way similar to auto insurance. You have a choice of multiple coverage types, such as comprehensive and collision, medical payments, property, bodily injury, etc. The foundation of boat insurance is liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury. From there, you add to the policy to build the insurance package that you want.

Your bodily injury coverage covers costs for treatment and settlements for injuries you cause up to the insured limit. You choose the limit, typically in increments of $5,000. You might choose $100,000 of bodily injury coverage, for example.
Property insurance coverage covers the costs of damage you cause to another individual’s boat or vehicle. You also choose the coverage amount of this.

Comprehensive coverage protects your own boat. If tree branches fall on it or children playing paintball spray it with paint, this policy pays you for the repairs. This typically has a deductible which you choose.

Collision coverage protects your boat no matter what it collides with – another boat, a tree limb under the boat, roots in the swamp, a truck that hits it while you launch it from the boat ramp, etc. This policy pays for your repairs.

Medical payment insurance takes care of your medical bills and those of your passengers if you become injured in an accident. It kicks in if the other boater who caused the accident did not have insurance or if their insurance did not cover your injuries. It kicks in if you become involved in a single boat accident. For example, you hit a tree stump that is fully submerged, and the impact ejects you from the boat. This insurance covers your injuries.

Contact Hart Insurance serving Federal Way, WA to learn more about boat insurance. Let us help you protect your maritime investment, personal health, and the health of your passengers.

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