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Safety Tips while Driving in Federal Way, WA

If you live in Federal Way, WA, you will need a car to get around, which means you will need car insurance. And this can be a financial burden, especially when your premiums go up due to an accident or a ticket for a moving violation. So below are some tips for how to drive more safely and efficiently in Federal Way to keep your premiums at the rate a local broker like Hart Insurance, who serves the area, first gave you.


Assume that all the other drivers on the road don’t know what they are doing and that they may do something unpredictable. Don’t be paranoid about these other drivers necessarily, but drive looking ahead at what dangers may be about to present themselves. By doing this, your ability to spot a possible accident and avoid it become much more likely, keeping you safe and your vehicle out of an accident.


If you don’t need to drive somewhere, don’t drive. Take a car service or public transportation, walk or bike. The less you drive, the lower your rates will be and the less of a chance you will make yourself vulnerable to an actual car accident.


Put a tracking device on your car and make sure the vehicle is secure wherever you park it. This will help keep it from getting broken into and make you decide whether or not to file an insurance claim or just eat the loss yourself, as you know the premiums will rise if you make a claim.


The majority of car accidents occur due to excessive speed, so if you make going the speed limit or just under the speed limit a habit, your chances of having an accident will drop precipitously.

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