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Tips to Keep Pets Healthy During the Winter

Whether your pet enjoys the winter or they would rather curl up under a cozy blanket, the cold Federal Way, WA winters can be as rough on pets as it is on humans. When it comes to your pets, winter can be a dangerous time of the year. Here are three tips to keep your pet safe and healthy this winter.

Visit the Vet

It is especially important to take your pet to the vet for a checkup before the cold sets in. Having an exam before the temperatures drop will ensure your pet is healthy as well as give you an opportunity to talk with the vet about health and safety precautions for your pet during the winter, especially senior pets. At the same time, you schedule the vet appointment, be sure to contact Hart Insurance to update your pet insurance.

Avoid Long Exposure to the Cold

You’ll have to take your dog out for daily exercise and to use the bathroom, but it is important to not leave them exposed to the cold for long periods of time. Just like humans, exposure to freezing temperatures can lead to hyperthermia in pets as well. Be sure to cover your pet’s pads with socks to protect them from the ice and salt and if possible consider putting a sweater on your pet before going outside.

Protect Against Harmful Chemicals

With winter comes a higher risk of coming in contact with harmful toxins, including antifreeze. Be sure to keep pets off the driveway and out of the garage where there may be spots of antifreeze and/or other chemicals that may be fatal for your pet. A good tip to protect their paws from salt and ice melt products on the sidewalks is to apply petroleum jelly on their paws before going out. If you suspect your pet may have ingested harmful toxins, such as antifreeze, it is important to seek emergency treatment for the vet.

Pets need protection from extreme temperatures, which includes providing them with a warm, dry and draft-free shelter, plenty of food and a lot of clean water. Be sure to take precautions any time the temperature drops below freezing and keep in mind that if it’s too cold for you to go out, it’s probably too cold for your pet as well.

Residents of Federal Way, WA interested in learning more information about pet insurance should contact Hart Insurance.

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