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How Classic Car Insurance Differs From Traditional Auto Insurance

Car insurance comes in many different forms. From primary liability to comprehensive, there’s a coverage type out there for any situation. However, when you own a classic car in Federal Way, WA, the coverage provided by a traditional car insurance policy likely doesn’t account for every aspect of your vehicle. This is where classic car insurance comes in. If you’re looking to fully protect your pride and joy, the insurance professionals here at Hart Insurance can help.

Why You Need Classic Car Insurance Instead

Traditional auto insurance is excellent for a modern, commonly owned car. Still, when you have a pristinely restored 1958 Chevrolet Corvette you like to take out on the weekend, this type of insurance just doesn’t cut it. Should an accident occur on the road or a natural disaster strike at home, the standard policy is unlikely to cover the full extent of the car. This is because the cost of replacement parts, bodywork, and paint aren’t accurately accounted for in the vehicle’s valuation.

With a policy designed specifically for classic cars, the value of the car (and, therefore, its coverage) is set through a discussion between the agent and the owner, which accounts for all of the time and effort put into restoring and maintaining a classic. This can be the difference between getting what a standard insurance provider thinks the car is worth and its actually worth.

Protect Your Ride Today With Help From Hart Insurance

Insuring your classic car doesn’t need to be a hassle. At Hart Insurance, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you, comparing all of your options from the top companies in the country so you can focus on enjoying your ride. For more information, contact our offices in Federal Way, WA today!

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