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3 Reasons to Maintain Off-Season RV Insurance

With winter fast approaching, you’re probably making plans to store your RV until the snow thaws and you can hit the road again next spring. Even in storage, however, your RV needs insurance protection to keep it safe from the unexpected. Rather than paying for full insurance protection during winter or canceling your policy, consider what off-season RV insurance coverage from Hart Insurance in Federal Way, WA has to offer. Here are a few good reasons to maintain off-season RV insurance for your valuable RV investment.

Theft or Vandalism

There’s always the risk of your RV being broken into, stolen or vandalized while in storage. Without insurance coverage, you could suffer a substantial loss. Rather than canceling your policy altogether, you can alter your RV coverage to maintain property protection against such perils as theft, vandalism, fire, storm damage or another unforeseen disaster. You’ll have greater peace of mind that your vehicle is protected from harm with this coverage.


When on the road, you need high liability coverage to protect you against serious accidents. During the off-season, however, you can save money by lowering liability to minimum limits. This way you’ll still have some protection without having to pay full premium prices.


By maintaining some RV insurance year-round, you could qualify for a discount on your policy. This can offset the cost of protecting your vehicle during the off-season. If the weather clears before spring and you get the opportunity to use your RV for a special occasion, you’ll have coverage in place for the day or weekend without having to scramble to reinstate your policy. Off-season RV insurance offers a viable solution to protecting your RV during winter and saving money on your policy.

To learn more about off-season RV insurance protection, contact Hart Insurance in Federal Way, WA today.

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