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Getting Your RV Ready for Winter

Maintenance can make an RV last longer and prepare it for winter storage in Federal Way, WA. It can help reduce the chance of accidents which reduces insurance claims you need to file with Hart Insurance. Even if you live in your motorhome or use it during the winter months, you can benefit from conducting motorhome maintenance. This helps your motor run better, your transmission last longer, and improve your plumbing functions.

You might set aside about half a day for this. While this list is not too lengthy, it will require a few hours.

Contact Hart Insurance serving Federal Way, WA to learn more about how you can protect your motorhome investment. We can help you obtain an RV policy that protects you when you are on the road or off.

  1. Drain the plumbing system and blow it out with compressed air. That includes your gray and black water tanks.
  2. Pour a quart of antifreeze into each water tank to protect the drain valves and seals.
  3. Empty the water heater drain. Flush the system using a rinsing wand.
  4. If you will remain parked for the winter and you will not use it, raise it off of the ground with leveling jacks or outside jacks. Rotate the tires a half-rotation. This keeps them from getting flat spots.
  5. Top of your fuel tanks and add fuel stabilizer.
  6. Top off the fluid levels in your maintenance batteries and fully charge them. If it freezes where you will park the RV, take it out and store it in a warm, dry place. If it does not freeze, you can leave it in the RV, but disconnect the cables.
  7. Protect the 120V AC system by flipping off the RV’s main circuit breaker. Disconnect the rig from the shore power.
  8. Block the exhaust pipe with aluminum foil or steel wool to keep rodents from entering.
  9. Fill all the propane tanks. If it will freeze where you parked, remove the tanks and store them elsewhere. Otherwise, cover the tank connection fittings with plastic bags secured with rubber bands.

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