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5 Tips for Getting on the Road Quickly this Winter

Winter weather can make your morning commute more challenging than normal. Simply getting into your car and driving away safely often takes more time than allotted during the wee hours of the morning. Frigid temperatures and wintry precipitation can prevent you from getting into your car and getting it started. Let’s look at five tips that will help the residents of Federal Way, WA get on the road quicker this winter.

1. Use cooking spray, silicone spray, or a door lock lubricant regularly.

Make sure you coat the door’s rubber seal at least once a week, wiping off excess drips with a paper towel. Doors and locks freeze shut when water seeps in and turns to ice. A bit of oil sprayed in the locks will help repel water. If adverse weather threatens, apply more frequently.

2. Cover the windshield.

This can make a big difference in certain conditions. Light snow is easy to fluff away, but thick wet snow may require a bit of muscle to remove. Keeping the windshield covered can save significant scraping time, but it does not prevent the need to clear remaining windows before driving off.

3. Keep your battery and engine ready for ignition.

When the temperature is below freezing, your battery loses a huge percentage of its cranking power. Less crank and a cold engine can make starting your car next to impossible. Parking in a garage is ideal. Next on the list is to find out if your car is equipped with a plug to keep the essentials warm through the night. If not, there are heating blankets made to cover the battery and engine. If street parking prevents the use of a plug, even using a thick blanket can make a slight difference. Be sure to remove blankets and plugs before starting the engine.

4. Let your engine warm up.

Modern cars can be driven right away, but it doesn’t mean it is what’s best for them. Even letting run as you scrape away excess snow. This allows the oil to warm up and do its job more efficiently.

5. Use the right oil for your region.

Engine oil thickens in extremely cold temperatures. This makes it hard for your engine to turn over. Multi-weight oil is good if temperatures are moderate. Your owner’s manual or trusted local mechanic can guide you on oil needs in the Federal Way, WA area.

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