Do I Need Classic Car Insurance If My Car Is Stored in a Garage?

Classic car insurance in Federal Way, WA might seem unnecessary if you keep your car in the garage. We won’t lie, a garage or storage facility is a major protector. It’s such an important factor that insurance companies will tailor the price of the policy based on the answer to this question. However, before you dismiss it entirely, Hart Insurance has a few things for you to consider. 

Accident Protection 

If you’re storing your vehicle in a garage at all times, either because you want to preserve it until a certain event or because you’re fixing it up. The odds are that it will stay safe from thieves, and collisions. Yet a storage facility or garage isn’t an impenetrable bubble either.

If you have people coming and going out of the structure, whether it’s you or your family, there’s always a chance that something could happen. Even if the garage isn’t used on a regular basis, everything from time to Mother Nature has a way of making its own changes that owners aren’t prepared for. So if a tree happens to fall on the facility after a year or two, classic car insurance can certainly come in handy. 

Get Some Advice 

The best way to make the decision if you live in Federal Way, WA is to talk to someone who’s seen it all. There’s no use in being afraid of everything that could potentially happen to your classic car — some things are simply out of your control. But there’s also no use in denying the facts either. If you want to a more informed classic car owner, reach out to Hart Insurance to ask the questions and get the answers that will help you decide. 

Understanding Comprehensive Coverage on Your Auto Insurance

You already know that you have to have liability insurance to stay legal on the road here in Federal Way, WA. But did you know that there’s an optional first-party coverage that helps protect your vehicle from natural disasters, theft, and fire? Keep reading to learn more about comprehensive insurance coverage from our Hart Insurance team.

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance is first-party coverage that pays to fix your vehicle in the event of a natural disaster, such as a storm, hail, or even a falling tree. It covers incidents involving animals, such as a bear causing damage or hitting a deer. And the coverage also covers some other situations that aren’t caused by nature, such as theft, fire, and vandalism.

You are usually subject to a deductible, which you select at the time you purchase your policy. Most people stick within the $500 or $1,000 range, but this really comes down to personal preference. Your deductible is paid directly to the repair facility after damages are fixed.

Is Comprehensive Insurance Mandatory? Do I Have to Have It?

A lot of people wonder if this is a mandatory type of insurance. The answer to this is both yes and no. Comprehensive coverage is not legally required to carry, but your finance company likely has it written within your purchase contract that you must have it. Thus, if you’re still making payments on your car, you’ll want to make sure you have comprehensive coverage and collision coverage to protect the investment.

Are you looking for an auto insurance quote in Federal Way, WA? Please contact our Hart Insurance team today to schedule a no-obligation coverage review appointment.

Getting Your RV Ready for Winter

Maintenance can make an RV last longer and prepare it for winter storage in Federal Way, WA. It can help reduce the chance of accidents which reduces insurance claims you need to file with Hart Insurance. Even if you live in your motorhome or use it during the winter months, you can benefit from conducting motorhome maintenance. This helps your motor run better, your transmission last longer, and improve your plumbing functions.

You might set aside about half a day for this. While this list is not too lengthy, it will require a few hours.

Contact Hart Insurance serving Federal Way, WA to learn more about how you can protect your motorhome investment. We can help you obtain an RV policy that protects you when you are on the road or off.

  1. Drain the plumbing system and blow it out with compressed air. That includes your gray and black water tanks.
  2. Pour a quart of antifreeze into each water tank to protect the drain valves and seals.
  3. Empty the water heater drain. Flush the system using a rinsing wand.
  4. If you will remain parked for the winter and you will not use it, raise it off of the ground with leveling jacks or outside jacks. Rotate the tires a half-rotation. This keeps them from getting flat spots.
  5. Top of your fuel tanks and add fuel stabilizer.
  6. Top off the fluid levels in your maintenance batteries and fully charge them. If it freezes where you will park the RV, take it out and store it in a warm, dry place. If it does not freeze, you can leave it in the RV, but disconnect the cables.
  7. Protect the 120V AC system by flipping off the RV’s main circuit breaker. Disconnect the rig from the shore power.
  8. Block the exhaust pipe with aluminum foil or steel wool to keep rodents from entering.
  9. Fill all the propane tanks. If it will freeze where you parked, remove the tanks and store them elsewhere. Otherwise, cover the tank connection fittings with plastic bags secured with rubber bands.

How WA Residents Can Prepare Their Boats for Changing Seasons

One of the great advantages of living in Federal Way, Washington, is that you have access to so much water. There is plenty of incentive to own your own boat, but if you do, you need to have a plan for the changing seasons. Hart Insurance wants to see your boat last a long time, so here are some tips for dealing with seasonal changes.

Getting Ready for Winter

Your process will depend on where the boat lives in the winter. If it is going to be dry-docked, that’s a different process from leaving it on the water. Both are viable options.

Before you store the boat, regardless of location, it should be thoroughly cleaned first. It’s especially important that you remove potential contaminants from the boat for storage. The rainy season in Washington can easily sweep away contaminants and get them into bodies of water and groundwater.

If you’re keeping the boat in water, the total workload isn’t grueling. The engine doesn’t need to be winterized, and water lines are typically safe. Mostly you need to ensure that the boat is properly secured and protected from the continuous rain.

For land storage, it’s best to drain all fluids and get an appropriate cover for the boat. If it can be stored under a roof, that’s preferable.

Preparing for the Summer

Preparing for the summer is the inverse of winter. The warm season is great for enjoying the waters. Preparing the boat is mostly about maintenance. Go through your complete checklist to make sure everything is working properly. Check that your insurance is up to date and adequate. Get any accessories and extras you need to make the most of your boating experiences.

No matter the season, you want to make sure your boat has the right insurance policy. That is what will protect it and you from the unexpected. Talk to your representative at Hart Insurance Agency. They can help you craft a great plan for your boat in Federal Way.

How can umbrella insurance protect me?

If you live in the Federal Way, WA area, there are a lot of insurance options that you need to choose from that can provide you with various forms of protection. One form of insurance that you will need to carefully consider is umbrella insurance. This is a form of personal liability insurance that can protect policyholders. A quality umbrella policy will protect you a number of different ways, which can make it well worth the investment.

Provides More Insurance Protection

One way that an umbrella insurance policy can help is by offering you more insurance protection. Most people will have some personal liability coverage already through their home and auto policies. However, if there is ever a very bad accident, it is possible the damages you are liable for could exceed your base policy. If you have umbrella insurance, the coverage could give you the additional protection that you need.

Covers More Scenarios

You could also benefit from an umbrella insurance policy because it could cover more situations that come with liability risk. While home and auto provide coverage for the most likely situations that could come with a liability claim, they are not as conclusive and an umbrella policy. If you invest in an umbrella policy, you will get the additional coverage you need to cover more liability risk situations. 

As you are looking for an umbrella insurance policy in the Federal Way, WA area, it is important that you discuss your insurance needs and options with someone that you can trust. The team at Hart Insurance can help you find a policy that will offer you the right type and level of coverage. Hart Insurance is able to do this by carefully assessing your individual needs and then building a policy that offers adequate coverage and peace of mind. 

Keeping Your Pets Protected

Pets deserve the best care

You know how important having regular checkups are for your pets, but did you know that you can get pet insurance that will help keep your friends healthy and happy? Hart Insurance, serving Federal Way, WA, can help you navigate the options for pet insurance to give you peace of mind. Having to make a difficult decision when your pet is ill and the procedure needed is too expensive to cover is every pet owner’s fear. It is possible to supplement those expenses with a pet insurance plan.

Dogs and cats make the perfect companions for people, and most people would give all they have to ensure a healthy pet. Unfortunately, pets cannot take care of themselves, nor can they tell you what’s wrong. Being able to bring them into the veterinarian whenever necessary is crucial, and having coverage through Hart Insurance is a great way to help with the cost. Veterinarians around Federal Way, WA, generally take pet insurance, and Hart can help you find the right plan. 

Pet insurance can offer you:

  • Financial Protection. Having a plan to fall back on when an expensive procedure comes up helps in so many ways.
  • Your Pet’s Gratitude. You may not think about it, but your pet relies on you for everything, including healthcare. 
  • Happy, healthy pets. You protect your family with insurance, why not your pet?

Hart Insurance has been helping clients since 1967 and will help you with every step of your insurance needs. Whether you have an existing relationship with Hart or are shopping for pet insurance, stop in or call and get the right pet policy for your needs.

What advantages does classic car insurance provide?

A classic car is a very unique asset that many people in the Federal Way, WA strive to own. This form of vehicle is often a dream for car lovers to own. While a classic car can be driven around the city, it are often considered an investment that is properly cared for and only taken out infrequently. If you do get a classic car here, it would be a good idea to get a classic car insurance policy as it provides some unique advantages to car owners.

Reduced Liability Risk is Reflected in Coverage

If you own a classic car, the number of miles that are driven each year are going to be much less than what someone would drive with a normal car. This then results in a liability policy that provides a lot less risk to the insurance company. The insurance provider is then able to offer rates that reflect this reduction in risk. 

Value is Agreed Upon

When you get a classic car insurance policy, you are going to want to make sure that your vehicle’s value is properly insured. This should include making sure the actual collectible and market value of the car is included in the policy. You can obtain this coverage by negotiating with the insurance company. 

If you are in the Federal Way, WA and want to buy a classic car, it would be a good idea to reach out to the team at Hart Insurance to discuss your insurance needs. The insurance professionals at Hart Insurance can help you to better understand the benefits that come with classic car insurance and how this unique form of insurance can protect you and your vehicle. They can then help you choose a policy that is ideal based on your situation. 

How to Find Out What Level of Home Insurance You Need for Your WA Home

Home insurance is a necessity if you have your own house. If you’re new to owning a home or new to living in Washington, you might not know the level of insurance coverage you’ll actually need for your WA home. Hart Insurance of the Federal Way, WA area can assist you. 

Dwelling Coverage in Washington 

At the least, you should have dwelling insurance in place. This coverage is to replace or repair your home after it’s been damaged or destroyed. It also applies to attached structures like a deck or garage. Replacement coverage will replace your house up to your policy’s limit amount. If you have guaranteed replacement cost in your policy, the insurance company pays the full replacement cost even above your policy limit. Be sure to talk to your agent to find out if this is something offered. 

Other Structures 

If you have other structures that are unattached but on your property, you should get coverage for them as well. A typical amount is 10 percent of the coverage you’d have for your dwelling. It may not cover buildings on your property that are occupied by renters or a structure that you use for business. It’s a good idea to ask your agent specifics so you know if you need an insurance rider. 

Personal Property 

Items that are inside your home such as appliances, furniture, and clothing would fall into a policy for personal property. Pay close attention to the wording since it may only cover the used value of the property instead of its full replacement value. 


If you’re concerned that someone could become injured on your property and you want to make sure you can cover hospital bills and possibly more, it’s ideal to have liability insurance. This is especially good to have if you’ll be hiring someone to do work on your property and they don’t have commercial insurance that would cover any expenses for potential injuries. Liability insurance also applies to neighbors and delivery people who enter your property. 

In addition to the above, you may want to talk to your insurance agent about natural disaster insurance that covers damage from floods, earthquakes, and landslides among other things. Contact us today at Hart Insurance, serving the Federal Way, WA region and we’ll do our best to put together an insurance package that works for you.

Home Insurance: The Roof Over Your Head

Home insurance protects your family and the investment you have made in the home you love. The unexpected can happen, but acquiring home insurance will keep you covered throughout the life of your home.

One area that homeowners should think about is the state of their roof. After all, the roof of the house protects residents and their property– it’s quite an important feature of a comfortable, happy home.

Federal Way, WA residents know that weather can change unexpectedly and can cause damage to your roof. One way to ensure proper maintenance is to fix nail pops on a regular basis. This can prevent leaks, which can lead to further damage.

Unaddressed nail pops can result in lost shingles during a bad windstorm. No one wants to go chasing after shingles during a storm! That’s why it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected periodically.

Your roof inspector will also check to make sure your flashing is in good condition and will look at roof vents for any damage. If you ever see water coming down through your ceiling, it’s a good idea to call a roof inspector right away to make sure the roof leak is repaired before any mold begins to grow.

Hart Insurance knows that you love your home and want to prevent lost shingles and leaks. But eventually, sometimes roof repair is necessary. Repairing a roof in a timely manner can delay the need for a fully replaced roof down the line.

If you have questions about your home insurance coverage, reach out to Hart Insurance to discuss your policy. After all, your home insurance policy is the roof over your head that mitigates the financial risks caused by damage to your home. A trusted home insurance agent provides security and confidence that will help you weather any storm. Federal Way, WA residents should reach out today.

What Coverage Is Included With RV Insurance?

For us at Hart Insurance in Federal Way, WA, RV insurance has several types of coverage. Although some types of coverage are optional, we will base this article on only the basic coverage. So, here is what RV insurance basically covers.

Bodily Injury Liability

If you cause an accident with your RV and someone gets injured. It is your legal responsibility to pay the hospital bills of the injured person. Also, if the injury sustained will prevent him from working, you should also pay him for loss of income. With your RV insurance policy in hand, this coverage will provide funds for both settlements. 

Property Damage Liability

Using the scenario above, we have talked about paying the medical bills of the injured person. There’s something left. In an accident, all the vehicles involved usually encounter different degrees of damages. So, this coverage will provide the funds to fix the third party’s damaged vehicle. Even if it’s not a vehicle, this coverage will repair the property as long as you were the one who caused the damage with your RV.


If you get involved in an accident and your recreational vehicle gets damaged, this type of coverage will provide the funds to fix the vehicle, whether you’re at fault or not. It also applies to the scenario described above. The other two types of coverage described above are meant to take care of the victims of the accident that you caused, but collision coverage will fix your vehicle. 


Without getting involved in an accident, it is still possible for your RV to get damaged. It could be vandalized, stolen, or razed by fire. Storms, floods, and other natural disasters could also wreak havoc on your RV. This coverage will take care of your vehicle when any of the perils happens.

Medical Payments

When you’re involved in an accident, regardless of who’s at fault, this coverage will pay your medical bills and that of your passengers, if any. 

For more information on RV insurance, contact Hart Insurance in Federal Way, WA, or book an appointment with us.