Top 5 Car Buying Pro Tips

Car buying, especially for first-time buyers can be a tedious process. Planning ahead and observing these 5 car buying tips will go a long way in ensuring you get an excellent ride. 

Do your research
Doing your research prior to walking into a car dealership prevents you from impulse buying. Luckily, the internet has all the information you would need about the car you would want to purchase. If you are looking for a new car, find out what the dealer paid the manufacturer as this will help you negotiate a suitable deal. If you are buying a used car, research on the resale prices for the model you aspire to buy. 
Evaluate different financing options
Car dealership financing mostly comes with higher interest rates compared to credit unions or banks. Besides, your bank could offer you a relationship discount that a car dealership will not. 
Negotiate the terms and ask for any discounts
Buying a car is one of the biggest investments one can make. The purchase price is usually not fixed. Knock it down and ask for any discounts that you might be eligible for. Such could include military, student, or credit union discounts. 
Consider the car’s insurance costs
Your vehicle’s insurance cost is influenced by factors such as its price and its model. You could get a ballpark figure of your insurance costs by submitting its make and model along with your age, driving record and other details to various insurance providers online. 

Ready to purchase your car in Federal Way, WA? Contact Hart Insurance today for a free estimate of your auto insurance coverage. We work with experienced agents who will guide you on the ideal coverage options for your car. Also, our coverage options are tailored to meet a wide array of auto insurance needs. 

How Often Should You Review Your Commercial Insurance Policy?

Business owners in Federal Way, WA should review their commercial insurance coverage once every few years or if major changes occur in the size of their business or if equipment has recently been upgraded. The agents at Hart Insurance understand that businesses change over time and that reviewing a commercial policy is necessary to prevent financial loss. 

Unexpected Growth

Unexpected growth in terms of increased inventory and production can indicate that a review of your current commercial policy is needed to maintain financial security. A review may show areas where too much coverage is costly, while not enough coverage could lead to heavy financial losses if an event were to occur that made it impossible to maintain normal operations. An increase in orders due to new equipment or the introduction of a new product is also a sign of growth that should be evaluated.

Equipment and Assets

Replacing old equipment that is outdated or no longer works properly means an insurance review is necessary. New equipment is an investment in the business that needs to be protected. An increase in inventory or the materials that are needed for production are assets that can be extremely expensive to replace. Protecting them with the right type of insurance is essential.

Reviewing your commercial insurance policy should be considered if you have recently updated your equipment or experienced any type of growth. The agents at Hart Insurance are available to help business owners in the Federal Way, WA area go over their existing policies to determine if they are sufficient to protect their business from financial loss. Call and schedule your commercial insurance evaluation today!


4 reasons why you need umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance offers you coverage over and above your existing insurance policy. It affords you that extra protection if a lawsuit is filed against you. Sometimes, expensive legal suits could exhaust your current coverage option leaving you exposed to financial uncertainties. That’s where your umbrella insurance coverage comes in handy. At Hart insurance, we write umbrella insurance for Federal Way, WA and surrounding areas.  Our coverage options across all our policies are tailored to afford you the ideal coverage that meets all your insurance needs.

Here are 4 reasons why you need umbrella insurance,

Extra auto liability insurance protection

If you are sued after a motor accident, and the court finds you culpable, it will order that you pay damages to the aggrieved party. In some instances, your auto liability insurance may be exhausted in a bid to cover the litigation fees plus the damages. Devoid of an umbrella insurance coverage, you might be compelled to set the difference from your personal funds. However, with an umbrella insurance coverage, you can easily top up the difference.

Extra home liability insurance coverage

A standard home insurance policy will include a liability insurance coverage that will protect you against legal suits leveled against you. However, if it is exhausted, the umbrella insurance coverage option steps in to cover the difference.

Peace of mind

With an umbrella insurance coverage in place, you can always rest assured knowing that there is an extra help if you exhaust your primary limits.

Saves you money

The extra out of pocket costs accrued after an initial limit is exhausted will dent your financial stability. With an umbrella insurance cover, you can save on such costs and keep your liquidity intact.

At Hart Insurance, we would like to get you covered today. Contact us and speak to one of our agents about an umbrella insurance coverage. You can use our online estimation tool for a free estimate of your coverage options.

Tips for Saving Money on RV Insurance

No one likes paying full price for anything and that even includes how much you are paying for your RV insurance. Even though it is something that you need to have, that does not mean that you need to pay a lot of money in order to have it. In fact, there are a lot of ways that you can actually save money on RV insurance. Here at Hart Insurance, serving Federal Way, WA, we want to help you get the most out of your money when it comes to your insurance needs so we recommend these tips for saving money.

  • Stick with the minimum coverage you need. You do not need to have more coverage than is necessary unless you have a very expensive RV. Start with a policy that meets the minimum requirements then go from there with saving.
  • Ask for discounts. There are a lot of discounts available in the world today and you are not doing yourself any favors by not asking for them. Explore every possible discount and sign up for those that you qualify for.
  • Look at higher deductibles. Higher deductibles mean lower premiums. Just make sure you can afford the deductible you sign up for.

These are just a few of the tips that we have up our sleeve but there are even more ways to save that we can help you with. we can also get you started on the right foot with saving by starting you out with a lower policy premium and then working on lowering it more. Be sure to reach out to us here at Hart Insurance, serving Federal Way, WA, today so we can run a free quote for you and then help you save even more on your RV insurance.

Three Tips to Prep Your Boat for Summer

One of the great joys of living Federal Way, WA, is having access to water. If you’re among the plethora of boat owners in the area, you’re probably chomping at the bit for warmer weather and the aquatic fun that comes with it. While you’re still waiting, there’s plenty to do to get the boat ready. That’s why Hart Insurance has this simple checklist to help you get started.


This is a big chore. You want to clean the hull, deck, and topside. A healthy coat of wax is essential. Engines and motors also need a good maintenance run. Scrubbing every inch of the boat is pretty much the only way to ensure you have defeated any mold, mildew or corrosive buildups during the offseason.


The obvious starting point is with the hull. Especially if your boat stays dry during the winter, you want to be sure it’s leak-free before taking it to water. Anything essential needs a proper check. Sails, safety equipment, drains, windows and hatches are all on the list. Since every boat is different, you should spend the time to make an exhaustive inspection checklist. Every effort you spend in preparation will save you great pains once you’re on the water.


For starters, you want to replace any supplies and tools that have gone missing or suffered damage since the last time your boat saw action. First on the list is safety equipment. Resupply your first aid kit, and make sure you have adequate life preservers and other safety devices. From there, get to replacing anything that didn’t pass your inspection. Lastly, make sure you’re properly stocked for the scope of your voyages. Joy trips around the bay obviously require fewer supplies than extended journeys.

Last but not least, you want to double check your insurance. Federal Way, WA, is home to plenty of insurers, so make sure the folks at Hart Insurance have taken the time to optimize your coverage.


How much driving does my classic car insurance allow?

You finally finished rebuilding your dream car. It’s a beauty, a classic, and you’re going to show it off at every classic car show you can find near Federal Way, WA. You also want to show it off by cruising in it. You need to obtain the right insurance from Hart Insurance then because you can drive it all you like under a regular auto insurance policy, but a classic car policy limits the amount of driving you can do.

A classic car policy often costs less than standard auto coverage. It covers the full replacement value of your vehicle though if that becomes necessary. A typical auto policy provides inadequate coverage to repair or replace a damaged classic car that would require genuine and hard-to-find parts.

One of the reasons underwriters can afford to do that is that the policy covers much less driving. Classic car policies even specify that you cannot use the vehicle on a day-to-day basis nor as your secondary car.

A classic car insurance policy allows you to drive to and from car shows, in occasional parades and at other similar, periodic events.

Classic car insurance provides vehicles 25 years old or more special protection. The policy treats them like rare art or sentimental collectibles. Not only can you not drive it often, you can’t park it outside. Most policies require you to park it inside a private garage, storage unit or pole barn. You’ll also need to have had a clean driving record with at least three years of no alcohol-related offenses, speeding tickets and/or reckless driving.

Visit Hart Insurance in Federal Way, WA to learn more about what classic car insurance can offer you. Show us pictures of your baby. We’ll ooh and ah and make sure you have the right coverage to protect your restoration work.

Using Life Insurance for Estate Planning in Federal Way, WA

Life insurance serves as a source of support, education funding, death tax and expense coverage, funding for disposition of a business and even for a survivor’s retirement. This is what makes it so important to understand how you can use life insurance as part of your estate planning. Feel free to reach out to your Hart Insurance agent in Federal Way, WA with any questions and concerns you may have.

Life Insurance as Part of Your Estate

If you have a smaller estate, insurance ownership isn’t a significant tax-savings device. Here, your life insurance goals should be to take care of any beneficiaries who are financially dependent on you. However, if your estate is worth $2 million, life insurance is essential for tax savings.

Planning Objectives for Insurance

Life insurance is used in estate planning to pay off any debts, support your dependents and even to accumulate wealth. You can get term life insurance that covers you up to a certain milestone, such as your children finishing their education or the retirement of your spouse. However, many choose permanent insurance, typically whole life insurance, due to its flexibility in terms of building wealth.

Unlike term insurance, permanent life insurance policies do not expire. Consider your family’s needs and consult with your insurance agent to meet your specific goals. Here are the two categories of permanent insurance.

Whole life insurance. Use this for long-term goals, consistent premiums and wealth accumulation.
Universal life insurance. Use this for flexible premiums, death benefits and savings.

Types of Life Insurance Trust Arrangements

There are two types of life insurance trusts that can help preserve your wealth when your gone.
Revocable Life Insurance Trust. The trust is the beneficiary in your life insurance policy, and you keep the right to terminate the trust as well as maintain ownership rights. It’s recommended if you have a young family of modest means but substantial life insurance.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust. This policy excludes life insurance from the estate when the first spouse dies. Your spouse can be the beneficiary without having power over the principal, subject to approval by the trustees.



Reasons Umbrella Insurance is the Best Out There

There are a lot of different insurance policies that are available in the market and it is a good idea to have the right policies to meet your needs. One type of insurance policy that is not as well known or used in the market is something known as umbrella insurance. Here at Hart Insurance, serving Federal Way, WA, we know that umbrella insurance is one of the best types of policies you can have above and beyond your standard policies and these are just a few reasons why:

  • It covers a lot of different things. Because it is a policy that will cover things like your home, vehicle, and even your personal liability, it is known as an umbrella insurance policy. Plus, it will cover all of these things at once. 
  • It covers above and beyond what your standard policies cover. Basically, umbrella insurance policies kick in when your other insurance policies are maxed out. It covers what they don’t and provides you with even more protection than other policies can provide. 
  • It is a great value for what you get in return. Because it covers so many different things at a bundled cost, it comes with great value. Not to mention, it provides you with the peace of mind you want when you have a home or a vehicle that is worth more than your standard policy can cover.

If you are in need of more coverage than your standard types of insurance policies can provide to you, then it is time to consider an umbrella insurance policy. It is a great way to get more coverage that is all-encompassing and one of the best policies you can buy. Contact us at Hart Insurance, serving Federal Way, WA, today to get started. 

A Simple Understanding of Umbrella Insurance

There is a good chance that you have heard of umbrella insurance before. But there is also a good chance that you don’t understand exactly what this type of insurance is. Fortunately, we have taken the time to help you gain a better understanding of what this insurance is and whether or not you should invest in it. 

What is umbrella insurance?

When you are trying to understand umbrella insurance, you should view it as an extra form of liability insurance. It is designed to help provide protection for you from major claims and lawsuits. In doing this, it provides protection for your assets. How does it do this? There are two main ways, and they are as follows:

  • It extends the coverage of your original liability coverage. It can provide additional coverage for a variety of policies, including auto and homeowners policies. When the coverage of these policies has been exhausted, the umbrella coverage will kick in. 
  • It provides coverage for certain types of claims that may not be covered under certain policies, including those related to a false arrest and libel/slander. 

Do you need umbrella insurance?

To help you decide if you need to invest in umbrella insurance, you should first understand that this type of investment is beneficial for everyone. And while many people are under the impression that umbrella insurance is only for the wealthy, it should be recognized that this type of insurance is actually quite affordable. The best way to determine whether or not you need to invest in it is by speaking with a qualified insurance agent who can assess your exact insurance needs. 

To learn more about umbrella insurance, please contact Hart Insurance serving the Federal Way, WA area. 



What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Businesses large and small have exposures that can cripple them financially, making it important to mitigate risks using commercial insurance. This policy provides different protections depending on a company’s location and the insurance provider. Some common areas of coverage and their significance to ongoing operations are listed below.

Business Loss

Commercial insurance generally protects companies from losses associated with specific types of property damage, misappropriation of assets, accidents and business interruptions, among other types of financially challenging situations. The insurance is designed to minimize the losses companies incur, allowing businesses to recover and continue operations. Given the complex operating environments for all types of businesses, insurance coverage is a necessity.  

Common risks covered by commercial insurance include:


-General Liability

-Worker Injury

-Property Damage

Who Needs Coverage?

Most businesses benefit from carrying commercial insurance, even if the business is being run out of the owner’s home. It’s important to consult with a qualified commercial insurance agent to get an idea of coverage options, given one’s business type and potential threats. Even small businesses are susceptible to lawsuits and claims. An owner’s personal assets may be at stake if the business doesn’t have liability protection because it’s a sole proprietorship or a general partnership.

For home-based businesses, many insurance providers offer a rider option for regular homeowner policies. This adds an extra layer of coverage that will help owners sleep a little easier at night because they have a hedge against financial ruin.

For additional information on commercial insurance in Federal Way, WA, please contact Hart Insurance. Businesses have inherent risks that need mitigation. Commercial insurance has the power to protect companies from financial ruin attributable to routine operations.