Home Insurance: The Roof Over Your Head

Home insurance protects your family and the investment you have made in the home you love. The unexpected can happen, but acquiring home insurance will keep you covered throughout the life of your home.

One area that homeowners should think about is the state of their roof. After all, the roof of the house protects residents and their property– it’s quite an important feature of a comfortable, happy home.

Federal Way, WA residents know that weather can change unexpectedly and can cause damage to your roof. One way to ensure proper maintenance is to fix nail pops on a regular basis. This can prevent leaks, which can lead to further damage.

Unaddressed nail pops can result in lost shingles during a bad windstorm. No one wants to go chasing after shingles during a storm! That’s why it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected periodically.

Your roof inspector will also check to make sure your flashing is in good condition and will look at roof vents for any damage. If you ever see water coming down through your ceiling, it’s a good idea to call a roof inspector right away to make sure the roof leak is repaired before any mold begins to grow.

Hart Insurance knows that you love your home and want to prevent lost shingles and leaks. But eventually, sometimes roof repair is necessary. Repairing a roof in a timely manner can delay the need for a fully replaced roof down the line.

If you have questions about your home insurance coverage, reach out to Hart Insurance to discuss your policy. After all, your home insurance policy is the roof over your head that mitigates the financial risks caused by damage to your home. A trusted home insurance agent provides security and confidence that will help you weather any storm. Federal Way, WA residents should reach out today.

What Coverage Is Included With RV Insurance?

For us at Hart Insurance in Federal Way, WA, RV insurance has several types of coverage. Although some types of coverage are optional, we will base this article on only the basic coverage. So, here is what RV insurance basically covers.

Bodily Injury Liability

If you cause an accident with your RV and someone gets injured. It is your legal responsibility to pay the hospital bills of the injured person. Also, if the injury sustained will prevent him from working, you should also pay him for loss of income. With your RV insurance policy in hand, this coverage will provide funds for both settlements. 

Property Damage Liability

Using the scenario above, we have talked about paying the medical bills of the injured person. There’s something left. In an accident, all the vehicles involved usually encounter different degrees of damages. So, this coverage will provide the funds to fix the third party’s damaged vehicle. Even if it’s not a vehicle, this coverage will repair the property as long as you were the one who caused the damage with your RV.


If you get involved in an accident and your recreational vehicle gets damaged, this type of coverage will provide the funds to fix the vehicle, whether you’re at fault or not. It also applies to the scenario described above. The other two types of coverage described above are meant to take care of the victims of the accident that you caused, but collision coverage will fix your vehicle. 


Without getting involved in an accident, it is still possible for your RV to get damaged. It could be vandalized, stolen, or razed by fire. Storms, floods, and other natural disasters could also wreak havoc on your RV. This coverage will take care of your vehicle when any of the perils happens.

Medical Payments

When you’re involved in an accident, regardless of who’s at fault, this coverage will pay your medical bills and that of your passengers, if any. 

For more information on RV insurance, contact Hart Insurance in Federal Way, WA, or book an appointment with us. 

3 Reasons to Buy Boat Insurance

If you own a boat or personal watercraft equipment, your homeowner’s policy may not protect you against liability and property damage. Anytime you take your boat or equipment out on the water, you’re at risk of an accident. Even storing your boat or equipment puts it at risk of sustaining damage. A boat insurance policy can protect you from both. Speak to an agency that serves Federal Way, WA like Hart Insurance. 

Personal Liability

Let’s say you’re enjoying a relaxing afternoon out on the water in your boat. However, as you go to make a turn, you accidentally crash into someone on a jet ski. The person sustains a personal injury and needs to go to the hospital. A boat insurance policy with the proper coverage limits can protect you from getting sued. 

Property Damage

Even if your boat or watercraft stays in storage, it is still susceptible to damage or theft. Strong storms often result in unexpected damage that a boat insurance policy can help you with. Your coverage needs will probably depend upon the size of the boat or type of watercraft equipment. Remember that unexpected accidents can also result in property damage or loss. 

Lender Requirements

If you’ve financed the purchase of your boat and have an active loan on it, your lender may require you to carry boat insurance. You’ll want to check to see what your lender has stipulated in terms of coverages and limits. If you don’t take out your own policy, the bank may take out force-placed insurance. This will likely be more expensive for you. 

Own a boat in Federal Way, WA, but don’t have insurance for it yet? Contact us at Hart Insurance today to find out how we can help!   


What is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Umbrella Insurance policy offers extra liability coverage exceeding the limits of home, auto, or watercraft insurance. It is an additional layer of security to those facing the risk of being sued for injuries caused to others or damage to other people’s property. The added liability cover is most useful to individuals who have lots of property or expensive property and thus have a more significant risk of being sued.

The policy acts as a fail-safe for your assets and savings. When a policyholder is sued for damages exceeding the liability of home or car insurance, the policy caters to the amounts still owed. In Federal Way, WA, Hart Insurance agents are available for consultations on favorable prices that assure you of a cover that suits your needs.

Who should buy an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Are you a home or auto owner? Are you running a business? Umbrella insurance is for you!

Umbrella insurance coverage is mainly purchased by individuals who own property, people with significant savings, or people whose area of work involves dangerous activities that may result in injuries. Hart Insurance agents will advise you on a policy that best suits your area of concern.

Other areas that require this policy are individuals whose line of work faces the risk of lawsuits. This could be such as businesses involving a review of products, volunteer work, working in boards of non-profit organizations, among others. Umbrella insurance pays for your legal fees in case you lose a lawsuit or lawyer fees in case you win.

In Federal Way, WA, our insurance agents will help you compare quotes of different insurance carriers to ensure that they get value for your money. Our agents are customer-centric and professional and will only refer you to reputable insurance carriers and offer you a favorable quote.


Does Your Car Qualify for Classic Car Insurance?

In order to get classic car insurance in Federal Way, WA, your car has to qualify. Since classic cars appreciate instead of depreciate, classic car insurance is a bit different.

To qualify for this coverage, your car must meet one of these definitions. A classic car is 10 to 24 years old and also has a historic interest, such as being a muscle car or hot rod. Your car can also be considered an antique, which is more than 25 years old and has historic interest. Even if it’s a classic car but is more than 25 years old, it’s an antique for insurance purposes. You may find different definitions of antique but it only matters for insurance purposes. If you are unsure if your vehicle qualifies then contact an agent at Hart Insurance.

Your vehicle may not qualify if it’s a daily-use vehicle, it’s a commercial-use vehicle, it’s an off-road or recreational vehicle, or it’s a motorcycle with performance modifications.

There must be other conditions for your classic or antique car in Federal Way, WA. The vehicle will need to be used on a limited basis. The car will usually need to be restored, maintained, or preserved in the original condition or you must be undergoing restoration. You may be denied classic car insurance if the vehicle isn’t in excellent condition. You are also going to be required to store your car within an enclosed building in a safe space. These enclosed buildings include car condos, storage units, or private garages. Depending on the storage type, driveways, parking garages, or carports may be considered. Insurance may only be given to you as the driver if you haven’t had an infraction within the last three years. These infractions can include speed violations, reckless driving, or alcohol-related offenses.

Contact Hart Insurance to get a quote on classic car insurance. 

New Teen Driver in the Family? It is Time to Update Your Auto Insurance

Did you know that your auto insurance from Hart Insurance does not automatically change with the times? Now that your teen is driving around the Federal Way, WA area, you need to take a closer look at your existing policy and make sure that you are prepared for the inevitable fender bender that often comes with a new driver.

Review Your Liability Payments and Limits

You likely purchased your insurance policy ten to fifteen years ago and opted for the minimum coverage with your good driving record. Most of those minimum/maximum payment limits may take care of bumps, bruises, and a broken fender, but they will not provide sufficient compensation when your child takes out an SUV loaded with a family.

Comprehensive Coverage takes the Strain Off Your Shoulders

You have no time to handle all the details of finding a repair shop, taking bids, and sending out checks when your teen makes a mistake. Comprehensive coverage leaves all the running around to us, so the little accident remains a minor inconvenience.  We can coordinate the appraisal, tow, and repair for you and the other party and let you get on with your life.

Roadside Assistance Takes Care of Your Teen

Consider adding towing and roadside assistance to your policy, so when the battery is dead, there is a flat tire or your kid runs out of gas, they just have to make a simple phone call and a certified service company will come to their rescue. This is a huge help and reassurance when they travel to their new college or summer job.

Before your teen takes to the local Federal Way, WA roads, give us a call or come visit our office at Hart Insurance. Together we will find the right auto insurance policy to provide peace of mind and adequate protection.

3 Reasons to Maintain Off-Season RV Insurance

With winter fast approaching, you’re probably making plans to store your RV until the snow thaws and you can hit the road again next spring. Even in storage, however, your RV needs insurance protection to keep it safe from the unexpected. Rather than paying for full insurance protection during winter or canceling your policy, consider what off-season RV insurance coverage from Hart Insurance in Federal Way, WA has to offer. Here are a few good reasons to maintain off-season RV insurance for your valuable RV investment.

Theft or Vandalism

There’s always the risk of your RV being broken into, stolen or vandalized while in storage. Without insurance coverage, you could suffer a substantial loss. Rather than canceling your policy altogether, you can alter your RV coverage to maintain property protection against such perils as theft, vandalism, fire, storm damage or another unforeseen disaster. You’ll have greater peace of mind that your vehicle is protected from harm with this coverage.


When on the road, you need high liability coverage to protect you against serious accidents. During the off-season, however, you can save money by lowering liability to minimum limits. This way you’ll still have some protection without having to pay full premium prices.


By maintaining some RV insurance year-round, you could qualify for a discount on your policy. This can offset the cost of protecting your vehicle during the off-season. If the weather clears before spring and you get the opportunity to use your RV for a special occasion, you’ll have coverage in place for the day or weekend without having to scramble to reinstate your policy. Off-season RV insurance offers a viable solution to protecting your RV during winter and saving money on your policy.

To learn more about off-season RV insurance protection, contact Hart Insurance in Federal Way, WA today.

What You Need to Know About Boat Insurance Before Hitting the Water

Boat ownership can be a great way to add some adventure and fun into your life. Making sure that your boat is properly insured will help the fun last even longer. Here at Hart Insurance, we want to make sure that you understand boating insurance and how it applies to you in Federal Way, WA and surrounding areas. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when considering boat insurance. 

Your Homeowner’s Policy Isn’t Enough

Many boat owners are under the impression that their homeowner’s insurance will cover their boat. This is often not the case. Homeowner’s insurance will cover a boat that is housed on your property, but usually, this is only for small boats with no engine or very small engines. Larger, more expensive boats most definitely need their own policy. 

How Is Boat Insurance Different?

Boat insurance is different from home and auto insurance in a few ways and similar in many ways. The similarities lie in the fact that boat insurance will cover liability in case someone is injured on your boat, and it will provide comprehensive coverage in the event that the boat is damaged or stolen. One nice difference in boat insurance, though, is that you have the option of deferring coverage for time periods in which the boat is not being used. This is very handy and can save you money since most people only use their boats some of the time. 

You should keep in mind that some policies cite that when the boat is out of the water it is no longer covered under the boat insurance policy. If the boat is attached to your car it might be covered under your car insurance. If it is housed at your home, it would be covered, to some degree, under your homeowner’s policy. Be sure to discuss these details in depth with a trained insurance specialist at Hart Insurance now serving Federal Way, WA and surrounding areas. 

How Can Umbrella Insurance Protect Your Business?

Do you have enough coverage with your current commercial insurance? If you’re worried that your Federal Way, WA business would suffer in case of a true emergency, maybe an umbrella insurance policy is just the kind of additional coverage you need.

Insurance providers like Hart Insurance offer extra protection for your business. Read on to learn how umbrella insurance can be of use to you where your business is concerned.

What Commercial Umbrella Insurance Covers

It’s important to distinguish personal umbrella insurance from that which is meant specifically for commercial coverage. While a personal umbrella policy can cover any assets outside of your business, you need a commercial policy to ensure any aspect of your business.

Commercial umbrella coverage can extend the limits of your general liability, employer’s liability, and commercial auto insurance policies. That is to say, if you have these underlying policies, and your needs exceed their payout limit, a commercial umbrella policy can kick in.

Since liability lawsuits and worker’s compensation cases can be costly on your business, an umbrella is necessary for the protection of your assets.

What Umbrella Insurance Won’t Cover

Umbrella coverage can only protect some aspects of your business. It cannot supplement certain types of policies.

For instance, if you have professional liability insurance (such as malpractice insurance for doctors), you can’t use an umbrella policy to supplement it.

Also, you cannot use umbrella insurance to supplement a commercial property claim. So in other words, if your place of business was broken into, your umbrella insurance cannot supplement your commercial property liability policy.

Keep In Mind

You should remember that commercial umbrella insurance is only a type of supplementary coverage. As great as it is in general, it cannot protect your business on its own. For instance, you can’t use an umbrella policy to pay out in a general liability claim if you don’t have general liability insurance in the first place.

Simply put, umbrella insurance expands your coverage, rather than offering you primary coverage outright.

Ready For Additional Protection?

Your business is a valuable asset. Contact Hart Insurance to explore how umbrella insurance can expand and protect it. We are happy to answer any questions or give you a quote based on your Federal Way, WA business and its supplementary needs.

Common Pet Insurance Myths

There are many myths out there about pet insurance, that cause pet owners not to purchase it. The decision to go without pet insurance can leave owners facing large medical bills they cannot afford. If you would like to learn more about pet insurance and live in the Federal Way, WA, area reaches out to a specialist at Hart Insurance today. 

Myth 1: My pet is young so it does not need insurance.

So many new pet owners end up paying thousands in out-of-pocket expenses because they believe young pets do not need insurance; however,  this could not be further from the truth. Young pets often have more frequent and costly claims as they tend to eat objects that harm them as well as run around and jump off furniture causing injuries. In addition, enrolling your pet early will make it less likely that they develop a condition that would be considered an uncovered pre-existing condition if you try to insure them later in life. 

Myth 2: The claims process is too burdensome. 

Many people avoid pet insurance because they have heard the claims process involves a lot of paperwork. The fact of the matter is that many pet insurers have moved to automated online claim submission systems. It is important before you purchase your policy to speak with your agent at Hart Insurance to make sure the insurer you choose has a claim process that works for you. 

Myth 3: I have some extra money set aside for pet emergencies. 

Many people have a small fund set aside for their pets health needs. However, pet owners do not realize how quickly the bills can add up after a few surgeries. Or if your pet develops a lifetime condition that needs to be managed, the extra savings can quickly be depleted and owners find themselves going into debt to care for the pet. 

If you are a pet owner living in the Federal Way, WA area and would like to learn more about insuring your pet, please call to set up an appointment today.