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Safety Tips while Driving in Federal Way, WA

If you live in Federal Way, WA, you will need a car to get around, which means you will need car insurance. And this can be a financial burden, especially when your premiums go up due to an accident or a ticket for a moving violation. So below are some tips for how to drive more safely and efficiently in Federal Way to keep your premiums at the rate a local broker like Hart Insurance, who serves the area, first gave you.


Assume that all the other drivers on the road don’t know what they are doing and that they may do something unpredictable. Don’t be paranoid about these other drivers necessarily, but drive looking ahead at what dangers may be about to present themselves. By doing this, your ability to spot a possible accident and avoid it become much more likely, keeping you safe and your vehicle out of an accident.


If you don’t need to drive somewhere, don’t drive. Take a car service or public transportation, walk or bike. The less you drive, the lower your rates will be and the less of a chance you will make yourself vulnerable to an actual car accident.


Put a tracking device on your car and make sure the vehicle is secure wherever you park it. This will help keep it from getting broken into and make you decide whether or not to file an insurance claim or just eat the loss yourself, as you know the premiums will rise if you make a claim.


The majority of car accidents occur due to excessive speed, so if you make going the speed limit or just under the speed limit a habit, your chances of having an accident will drop precipitously.

Heading Over the Border Means Different Insurance Needs for Federal Way, WA Drivers

Are you heading over the border? Before you go, it pays to take a closer look at the auto insurance you have in place and whether it meets the new needs in the location you plan to travel to with or without your vehicle. If you have auto insurance from Hart Insurance, our team of independent insurance agents is happy to help you determine what the best type and amount of coverage for your needs is. We can also help you have the right policies in place before you head over the border.

Driving Over the Border

You probably took the time to make sure your passport was up to date and that you had the right financial information in place to access your bank account. However, many people traveling over the border fail to make key decisions about the actual insurance needs they have. If you planning a trip, your first step should be to call our offices at Hart Insurance so we can make sure your policy will remain in place. This is commonly the case for Canadian trips.

If you are traveling overseas, on the other hand, you still need to ensure your car rental has the right amount and type of insurance in place to keep you protected. Your American car insurance will not likely apply here, but there are additional options we can help you to put into place.

Get a Quote From Our Federal Way, WA Team Today

For those drivers heading to Canada, give the team at Hart Insurance a call today. Let us make sure your current auto insurance plans are exactly what you need before you cross the border and put yourself at financial risk. It’s fast and easy to get a quote by contacting us.


Hit & Run Coverage: How to Get It

A hit and run can be absolutely devastating, financially and otherwise. A person should always stop when involved in an accident, though it does not always happen. You want to make sure you have sufficient coverage in the event you are involved in a hit-and-run to avoid spending too much money out of pocket. The coverage you need is going to include various types of insurance.


Collision coverage is going to handle the repairs on your vehicle, whether you were found at fault or not. While there may be a deductible as well as limits, it can save a lot of money in the end. You may find that you are required to have collision, particularly if a lien holder is involved with your car loan.

Personal Injury Protection

PIP is common within policies, and it is important to have this coverage. No-fault coverage is included for medical bills for both you and your passengers. It can cover medical expenses, lost wages, and even child care if you are injured and unable to care or your children.

Uninsured Motorist

Having uninsured motorist is always a good especially if you are involved in any kind of accident where the other person doesn’t have insurance. The coverage can include bodily injury as well as property damage.

Medical Payments

Medical payments can be another form of coverage that you add to your auto insurance in Federal Way. If you don’t have health insurance (or even if you do), this coverage can save a lot of money because the medical payments will be taken care of by insurance as opposed to being funded from your own finances.

Call us at Hart Insurance Agency today to learn about auto insurance in Washington. We can provide you with hit and run coverage and much more.



Tips for Adding Child to Auto Policy

When your child becomes of age to acquire a driving permit or driver’s license, you will need to contact your insurance provider. Your insurance premiums will likely go up after adding your child to an existing policy, and this is absolutely normal and expected. You really cannot put a price on your child’s safety, especially when behind the wheel of a hunk of metal weighing in at more than 1 ton.

As a responsible parent, you’ll want to explore higher liability coverage in order to protect your new driver — in addition to protecting yourself and family if the accident turns in to a lawsuit. At Hart Insurance Agency, we want to help by consulting you on your new driver’s needs as well as helping you customize your policy. We offer a myriad of insurance options and would love to discuss insuring your other investments though our independent insurance company.

Another great way to save money on adding your child to your insurance policy is by having them complete a driver’s education course. Additionally, many insurance companies offer a discount for good grades in high school and college. With a 3.0+ GPA, your child may be able to save a small percentage on an auto policy.

If you need to add your child to your auto policy, contact Hart Insurance today to learn more about your options.

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